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What happened here?

You might be asking yourself what happened here.
Where are all the posts?
Where's everything?

I'm glad you asked.

But you're right. Everything's changed.

I'm exploring new things, making new discoveries, using new and more modern languages.
This site has and will have to try to reflect that.

For now continuing what I started a few years ago doesn't interest me anymore.

There could be new posts, at some point in the future.
I don't know that yet.

I thought about "forever" deleting every single post I ever published on this website.
I eventually decided against it, opting to move everything over to instead.

I'd like to make things clear though: All those posts are now an archive. They are parts of me that do not necessarily reflect who I am anymore. So keep that in mind if you decide to visit them.

This website will now become a profile of profiles. A simple page that everybody can use…